The importance of rotational sorting of clothes

Summer is here and in South Africa you know when it is summer. Our summers are hot and can also get rainy at times. It is time to put away the winter and autumn clothes and create easy access to your summer clothing this season.

There are a lot of impacts that clotting cupboards can have on an individual if the cupboard is untidy or if access to clothes that you want to wear is difficult or restricted.


What can I do to make it easier to access my summer clothing?


  • Put the winter clothes in another cupboard in the spare room, or
  • Pack the winter clothes at the bottom of your cupboard and move the summer clothes to the top or middle where access to the clothes is the easiest, or
  • Pack the winter clothes underneath the summer clothes in your cupboard to create more space and to ensure that the summer clothes is everywhere in the cupboard, and this will ensure that when you reach for clothing, you will know it is summer clothing as it is arranged accordingly
  • Give away clothing that you do not wear, albeit winter or summer clothing, these clothes cause unnecessary cluster, and it will make access to the clothes that you do wear much easier.


These few tips can make it a lot easier to keep the cupboard tidy as you do not have to go through heaps of winter clothing to find your summer clothing and this will immediately have an impact on you as it will be more pleasurable to access your daily summer clothing. It is also important to change up the clothing in your cupboard once in a while and everyone loves a new piece of clothing in their cupboard, we at the Fashion Blog Factory outlet know the importance hereof and we are here to help you get the clothes you desire for this season.


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